Who is Aleisha McCormack (and why a wedding podcast?)

So who is Aleisha McCormack and why is she talking about weddings?Aleisha McCormack

Good question.
Thanks for asking.
Well to be honest I answer that question in the very first episode of The Save The Date Wedding Podcast, so if you are a lazy reader or just prefer me to tell you in my own voice, then why not take a wee baby moment to subscribe?
Good one.
I understand you might have come here to poke around, learn a bit more about me, so I made an info graphic (see below).
When you listen to the podcast, you might hear an accent… Americans often ask me ‘Are you English?’
Um, no!
No offence Brits but I’m Australian.
Like Nicole Kidman or Hugh Jackman (That’ll boost web hits I’m sure!).
My husband Rich and I moved to the UK earlier this year and so far we’re loving it, minus the gloom, the winter darkness and the often grumpy people.

I have worked on great TV shows, written comedy for some of Australia’s most well known comedians and interviewed people that still make me glow with happiness from the memory and relief I didn’t mess it up. Who let me near these people!?
I’m a professional big mouth.
I love to read, run and have fun…oh and talk about WEDDINGS o-course!
So please subscribe to the podcast and if you like it, I’d be delighted if you could review and rate it!

I have some a-maze guests coming up and I don’t want you to miss out on any of their fabulous advice!

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