002-Pinterest: The Secret Wedding Planning Tool

There’s a secret, free wedding planning tool that lots of brides and grooms are using… but are they using it to their advantage to get bang for their wedding budget buck? 
I’m talking about Pinterest.
With a little bit of tweaking, Pinterest can not only be your online wedding planning scrapbook, it can be a destination wedding homepage, vendor hub, a way to share your ideas with your wedding suppliers or wedding planner, find the best budget deals and suppliers, a honeymoon destination planner and a way to collate your theme, colour scheme and budget, wedding dress ideas and more in one, easy to manage place! Who’d have thought?
Perhaps you need a Pintervention? Aleisha will prove that Pinterest is an excellent wedding planning resource but it can also be a time-sucking vortex. This episode will set you on the right path to use Pinterest to your wedding planning advantage, get the most out of your favourite pins, without saying sayonara to your family and friends.

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How can you use Pinterest to your advantage without saying sayonara to your family and friends?

Getting started on Pinterest

Here’s a helpful video about getting started on Pinterest.

How to Install the Pin It Button

Here’s a video showing you how

Creating a Secret Pinterest Board

Instructions on how to how to create your very own hush hush secret board

Using Pinterest as a ‘Wedding hub’ page to share with guests, using maps and hotel pins.

Make your own place board

Here’s an example of a Place Board about Straya…Australia.

Pinterest FAILS. Hilarious.

8* of my favourite Pinterest accounts for wedding planningPinterest

*I started with top 4…but there are SO many great  accounts I had to up the ante

Wedding Chicks

London Bride (She’s on the Podcast next week!)

BHLDN Wedding (Pretty and there are lots of affordable options covered!)

One Fab Day

100 Layer Cake

Style me Pretty

Martha Stewart Weddings

Rock n Roll Bride

And to break the rules and add another to the list MY PINTEREST– duh.

Aleisha’s recommended Book to read to take your mind off wedding planning.WoolI’m sure you learn along the way that I’m morbidly interested in the apocalypse. I love anything that has a whiff of dystopia, that contains zombies, people living in empty cities, fighting epidemics…all the fun uplifting stuff!So when a colleague recommended the Wool Trilogy by Hugh Howey[/easyazon_link], a series of very readable books about a community that exists in a giant silo underground, hundreds of stories deep, I was in like Flynn.Three quick points about why I enjoyed this series so much.
  1. While reading I’ve been commuting on the London Underground which I think is just the silos, all the noises and weird people and constant step climbing.
  2. Hugh is/was a self published author and these books have kicked arse for him. Hats off to independent writers, getting their stuff out there without the help of the the big boys
  3. Wool has a female protagonist who is ballsy and strong and is an excellent mechanic. F yes

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