006: Wedding Q&A Ring angst & Flower Free Weddings

What fun it was putting together this weeks bonus episode! Thanks again to Belle, Peggy and Mel for their questions! If you have a question that you would like one of my upcoming guests to answer (or me) please Email me, I LOVED doing this ep!)

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Costco is not only a place to purchase a jar of mayonnaise the size of your head, you can also score some great wedding bargains like flowers* and booze.

*I’d like to note, I’m very much an advocate of supporting local florists. We used a small, non-flashy florist for our wedding and they price beat EVERYONE out of town…so you know… (Image courtesy of our wonderful photographer Louisa Bailey)

A couple of things to note  about Costco (that may vary from country to country)

  • You don’t always have to be a member to purchase alcohol.
    If the liquor store is a separate entrance, you can walk right in. If it’s inside the store, just go to the customer service desk and ask for a ‘Temporary Alcohol Shopping Pass’ which should let you buy (only) booze.
costco flowers

Costco ‘European Mini Bouquets’

There is a huge range of options when it comes to wedding flowers at Costco.
A BIG money-saving option is buying fresh cut flowers in bulk and pop them in vases yourself…like the photo here.
I searched and found for $114 (USD) you get 

  • 18 European mini-bouquets 15 stems each, 270 stems in total per box (vases not included)
  • Flowers include: Roses, Spray roses, Asters, Foliage (Hypericum/Ruscus/Eucalyptus/Assorted Greens),  Achillea, Baby’s breath, Mini Gerbera, Campanula, Godetia and more
  • Colors: Vibrant color assortments
  • Vase life: 7 days (approximate)

A vase life of 7 days means you can order ahead of time and arrange the flowers a couple of days beforehand depending on your flower selection. Grab some vases at IKEA (Oh there’s a whole show on that coming up soon!)

costco flowers

10-Piece Wedding Collection

If you’re looking to not have to do any work yourself and just want a bouquet, perhaps this option floats your boat.
$229 (USD) will get you…
10-Piece Wedding Collection includes:
1 Bridal bouquet
2 Brides Maid bouquets
2 Corsages
4 Attendant boutonnieres
1 petite bouquet

Here is a handy PDF about ordering your flowers and how to store them.

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