004: Four ways to SAVE: Budget Wedding Planning tips

 Budget weddings. Who am I to say what a ‘budget’ wedding really is.
It’s all relative, although I would question anyone who wouldn’t want to save a little money when planning a wedding… even if it’s merely to spend the money saved elsewhere.
Everyone’s idea of what makes their day special is different…although I’m hoping that a continuing theme in everyone’s big day involves two people who kind of dig each other in a massive way!
There are countless ways to cut back on the coin when planning your wedding, without your guests ever having to know.
Budget weddingThis episode of the Podcast highlights four easy ways to cut back on spending without having to compromise in a crazy way.

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One thing I learned while recording this episode is that I have another 15 budget wedding episodes up my sleeve!

To see some of the fabulous cars that Yash, from Weddings By Driven, was talking about, head to their website. 

Here’s Lavender Rose!  Ellens, the gorgeous lady with all of the marvellous wedding dress bargaining advice’s, shop.

Now to some links to easy Budget busting reads to get you started

Budget Wedding

Cutlery Tags from eatdrinkchic.com

Martha Stewart Weddings Budget Tips
The Broke Ass Bride; features lot’s of real weddings and tips (She’s sassy and fun!)
The Budget Savvy Bride
Wedding dresses under $700 (£440)
Use freebies on the internet….like this list of fabulous printables!

Aleisha’s recommended Book to read to take your mind off wedding planning.

I like to read before bed. I try (TRY) and put away the iPhone and forget about trying to be beat my arch nemesis on Scramble (no kidding I have been playing a total stranger for 3 years…it. is. mental. He/She 90% of the time beats me….the rage. My god, the rage).

SImon richI’ve been reading a lot of funny stuff lately by Simon Rich. I’m jealous of how well he writes. Good jealous. Aspirational jealous. I was struggling to decide which book to recommend because I delight in them all but I thought I should go with his latest, Spoiled Brats. It’s a collection of short stories that often had me wailing with laughter.
“Simon Rich is a comedic shapeshifter, adopting the plights of hamsters and hipsters alike, and Spoiled Brats is vividly hilarious in the way Woody Allen and Donald Barthelme are vividly hilarious. Simon Rich is also much taller in real life than you’d think. Like the reverse of an actor.”
Sloane Crosley, author of I Was Told There’d Be Cake and How Did You Get This Number.
(Which are also hilarious Aleisha recommends books!).

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