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bridechilla-premium-1800x1800-5Interfaith, multicultural and fusion wedding planning are my topic du jour this episode and what a topic it is!

The funny thing about love is when it grabs you, it doesn’t give a damn about your background or religion,  what God you believe in, whether you’re from India and they’re from Dundee and whether you’re a boy or a girl.
There’s been thousand of poems about the hardships of love and difference…Romeo and Juliet…their families weren’t exactly buds….ok bad example perhaps BUT my guest this episode has launched a blog that celebrates the uniting of difference.  Secretweddingblog.com is the blog baby of Raj, delightfully perky fusion wedding blogger chic who is passionate about publicising all of the amazing interfaith weddings that happen each day.Multicultural weddings Raj is also the first person I’ve met in this industry (generally a happy bunch) who has copped shit for what she is doing. Politics hey. Some snarky serious religious types got all huffy with Raj and her blog ….which made me want to talk about it even more. Seriously, get back to the dark ages jerks.
Secretweddingblog.com is really well organised, you can search by faith and as I say in the interview, features a huge variety of weddings with couples from all over the world that that make me hungry. Lot’s of combos of cultures that I think would be delicious restaurants!
Raj focuses a lot on traditions, what couples can choose to adopt or leave out, how to be inclusive of what is important to both parties and making new traditions!
Here is a link to the gorgeous Christina/Hindu wedding that we spoke about in the interview.
(Image courtesy of Carlie Statsky Photography/ Second Shooters: Gabe Statsky + Ari Moshayedi)

Raj and Aleisha Fusion wedding planning

Raj and I

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Aleisha’s recommended book to take your mind off wedding planning

sedaris If you’re in need of a laugh (who isn’t!) than can I recommend virtually any book by David Sedaris?
Golly I love him so much. LOVE.
His latest book is [easyazon_link identifier=”0316154709″ locale=”US” tag=”savthedatwedp-20″]Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls[/easyazon_link], a wonderful collection of comic essays.

‘He draws on a seemingly bottomless well of appalling childhood memories revolving around his mounting fears about being unlike other boys. There’s a stinging account of swimming competitions during which his irascible father vociferously championed his son’s rival, a courageously candid tale of his courtship of a shy African American girl, and an unnerving confession of his inept handling of captured baby sea turtles. Moving on to more worldly episodes, Sedaris recalls encounters with strangers on trains and offers hilarious perspectives on French health care and shopping at Costco’ (From Booklist)

God it’s a pleasure. I regularly stifled fits of laughter when reading this in public places!

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