009: Your Wedding Guest list: who’s in and who’s out?

by Aleisha
Planning the Guest List is one of my favourite pet topics.
Who’s on the guest list should be discussed early and discussed often. Like my friend Heidi says ‘You are either in, or you’re out’.

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 Like your budget, with guest list and numbers you’re going to need to set clear goals and guidelines. What is your absolute maximum number of guests?
This is always fun… do you first work out your guest list and then your budget or do you find a venue, work out the pricing and then the guest list?Guest List

When making the big decision, in the end, it comes down to;

  • How much money you have?
  • How many people your can venue fit?
  • Who’s in?
  • Who’s out?
  • What are your obligations?

I suggest, early on, preferably the same time you calculate your budget, you sit down together and write a first draft, including people who absolutely must be invited, such as immediate family and close friends. Next on the list are friends, co-workers, and distant relatives. Now you have a clear first draft list. Unless money is no option or you are having and large wedding Guest Listvenue, cutting the list is inevitable. Make an A and a B List.
A being ‘must invite’ B being ‘maybe but not vital to invite’.
Are there names on the list that you don’t recognize or people that you hardly know?
Like a wardrobe clean out, if you haven’t seen a friend in years, cut them free. If you don’t know their kid’s names or have their current address, forget it. Just because you re-kindled a friendship on facebook doesn’t mean they get to come to your wedding. Don’t invite the whole office just because you feel guilty. If you are friends with Jane from Accounts but secretly loathe everyone else, just invite her and stuff the rest. You’ll probably get a promotion soon or move to a better company.

There is so much to say about the politics of the guest list…so I’m sure I’ll create a part 2 podcast episode!

As with all big decisions, the guest list should be worked on together to save any unnecessary arguments. Remember, you are a team, work together. You can do it. I believe in you.

If you are looking for an easy FREE to use sharable document and spreadsheet system to keep track of your guest list and update on the fly, Google docs have launched https://www.google.com/weddings/

A free, time-saving system where you can collaborate with your bridal party on guest lists, schedules, addresses, and more. The all-in-one wedding planner includes ready to use documents with tabs from all aspects of the budget and lists needed for planning your wedding. You can access and edit your planning documents from the bridal shop, bakery or pretty much anywhere that you can get online. That way everyone involved can see real-time schedules etc. without you having to email them every time a detail is changed or amended.

Aleisha’s recommended Book to read to take your mind off wedding planningBornToRun

Like running? Like to think that one day you could like running? (That was me 2 years ago). Like to see other people that like running but you don’t like running but you respect them for what they do? Then you’ll probably enjoy this book!

Born to Run not only changed my view on running and exercise, I became completely ensconced in the author’s journey. It’s not just a book about people running incredibly long distances (in bare feet!) but it’s also part expose on the limitations that we’ve placed on our bodies, the running shoe industry and it follows an incredibly interesting group of ultra-runners who push their bodies to the limit…I mean they run hundreds of miles A DAY!
Mental and amazing.
I loved this book and I cannot recommend it enough. BAM.

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