010: Wedding Q&A- Replica dresses & Tupperware parties

by Aleisha
Wedding Q&A

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In this episode I talk, replica dresses, secondhand dresses (Love!)…we revisited last weeks, ‘can my friend re-model her engagement ring because she hates it‘ questions (I asked Kat from Rock N Roll Bride for her response) and I answered my favourite questions ever (so far…ok it’s only been three weeks but still)… about Tupperware parties and friends with questionable money-making motives.

I’ll be honest with you, the more I think about it, the Tupperware bridal/kitchen tea question (from Layla) which was all about her friend offering to throw her a Tupperware Kitchen Tea, the bridal shower has really gotten me worked up.


Wedding Questions and AnswersAfter I finished recording the ep, I was talking to my husband Rich it and he got annoyed…which in turn got me even more annoyed.  So Layla, I really hope you tell your friend where to put her Tupperware.Wedding Questions and Answers

Secondhand dresses don’t have to mean this  icon-arrow-circle-o-right

Below are just a few of the ever-growing list of sites to visit if you are looking to buy a designer pre-owned wedding dress.
MAN, you can score some bargains and if you are really clever, you can on-sell the dress again, creating an awesome circle of wedding dresses that just goes on an on! Most of these sites will allow international postage but always check with the seller.


If you have a wedding Question that you need answered please Email meThe weirder and more challenging the better. I thrive on it!

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