Wedding Q&A- Solving guest list dramas & piquing your fiancé’s interest!

by Aleisha

Another jam-packed Wedding Q&A episode! Including questions about horrible bosses, the topic of the guest book bitch and how pique your fiancé’s wedding interest!
Megan wrote

Hey Aleisha! I’ve been listening to your podcast for several weeks now in preparation for my June wedding! Been loving it on my morning drive! So I have asked one of my most dear friends to be the “guestbook” person. I hate the title “guestbook.” I also don’t like the word “greeter.” She’s such a sweet person, she will make everyone feel welcome and comfortable the second they walk into the ceremony. I want to list her in the program with a unique title since she is so special to me… Any ideas? I had thought of “welcoming host”… But wasn’t jazzed about the word host since we already have our aunts and uncles as the actual hosts. What do you think?

This one stumped me a bit. I think when it comes down to it, it’s a nice gesture to ask your friend and I don’t think it needs a super jazzy, showy name. She’ll get it.
Guest book alternativeBespoke Bride has a fab post 21 alternative unique guest book ideas!  Like Jenga! AMAZE! Maybe your friend won’t have to hover near the book?

Brandi asked

I got engaged in December and for now I’m just trying to work out the guest list, budget and venue. For me, working out the guest list includes who will be in the wedding party and my fiancé is not interested in figuring out his groomsmen or best man. I’ve asked how much time he would need or if he has an idea and he just thinks I’m stressing too early about it. Our wedding is in October 2016. So, am I stressing/planning too early?

Some guys (not all) need a bit of gentle massaging when it comes to weddings. A couple of suggestions for Brandi I gave in the Podcast were for her to really try to get to them to  tap into the things that excite her partner about the wedding, do some investigating …perhaps it’s music? He might have a dream venue in mind…the more you can talk about the event, visualise the day together, the more information you can acquire to get him keen to be involved. I don’t doubt that his is just as pumped about the wedding as you, it’s not necessarily something a lot of guys picture (we have media and society to blame for that!).

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