Wedding Music- How to get it right to make your wedding night

by Aleisha

Wedding Music is one of the most important decisions surrounding the success of the party end of the event. For me, some of my favourite memories of weddings (including my own) is dancing. When I dance, I really commit. Shoes off, gyrating, weird fist pumping, Elaine Benes style, sweaty commitment.

I think I’m really good at it at the time but quite sure if I had to watch me dance, it wouldn’t be any near as rhythmic or Janet Jackson Style back up dancer fabulous as I think. Putting my probable lack of dancing skills aside, the choice of music to get me up and moving is really important. I want pop. I want classics. I want to shake my booty.
Like I said in the Podcast, I have been to weddings were there is a band and I’ve gotten excited and then when the wedding music and dancing time starts they were duds…well they weren’t duds, the song list was.
Today’s episode is all about picking the right wedding music (and performers) for your audience, venue and your event. My lovely guest is Shola Kaye, she’s a professional singer and with her band has supported celebrities such as Florence and the Machine, Paul Young, Tony Hadley and has performed extensively internationally. She’s also the founder of, a new venture were Shola and her team create personalised video slide shows with specially written music that tell your love story.Some key takeaways and tips from Shola from the interview…

  • If you are unsure what kind of musicians you would like to hire, check out music and entertainment agency webpages…narrow down the feel. You don’t have to hire band via an agency but it is an easy way to see a lot of entertainment groups and individuals who perform in your area.
  • Consider the size of the venue and the people who you are having at your wedding …do they want to rock out? Are there lots of nannas there?
  • Live music creates extra energy and excitement. Have a guitar duo to play during the meal but don’t expect the dance floor to fill up with a Jack Johnson tribute act.
  • Make sure they play the wedding music you like. Ask for a list. Get specific. If you don’t tell, they don’t know,
    Motown fills the dance floor. Think classic tracks, pop and good beats.
  • Don’t let your parents book the band unless they have excellent taste. Really. Don’t do it.
  • You want people to come away remembering your wedding as fun and thoughtful and YOU! So don’t leave the wedding song selections until the day before. Ask you guests to contribute their favourite dance floor filler in a little card that you include with the invitation. That way you know that everyone has a favourite song played and they have no excuse not the SHAKE IT!
  • Here is Shola’s Motown set list, is you are looking for inspiration AND you can get in touch with Shola via this link…


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Katrina G May 26, 2016 - 5:14 pm

This was a really interesting podcast for me, as I have not enjoyed weddings with live bands. Even when they’re good, I’m far too embarrassed to dance in front of them. Maybe it’s because I’m worried they’ll judge me for dancing so badly to their carefully crafted songs. Or maybe it’s because when I go to a concert it’s all about the standing and clapping wildly and not dancing (or when dancing means “hopping up and down in the same place”.


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