How to plan a Destination Wedding

bridechilla-premium-1800x1800-2Destination weddings are fast becoming a very popular option for couples who want to escape with their family and friends, to celebrate their nuptials in tropical style. I’m joined on the podcast by Megan and Rebecca from, who both help couples plan their dream destination weddings all over the world.

I’m going to take a stab in the dark that most couples, during the wedding planning process, have moments where they dream of chucking it all away, hopping on a plane and eloping… and lots of people do! It’s not just beach weddings, recently there have been a plethora of gorgeous winter destination weddings on wedding blogs, with couples skiing and having fun in the snow with their guests! Many destination weddings take place in holiday resorts, where all of your guests can stay together, relaxing, drinking cocktails and working on their tans.

Destination weddings are a fantastic option if you want to extend the celebrations into a holiday with your family and friends, either before or after the big day. Planning an escape with your loved ones is a lovely way for everyone to get to know each other before the wedding. We all have friends from “different worlds”.… University, work colleagues, childhood friends… it’s a great opportunity for these people to come together and share a fabulous, relaxing time with you.

If you looking to plan a smaller event or if you would like to remove some of the pressure and expectations of getting married in your hometown, planning a destination wedding may be a good option for you. As you will hear in the podcast, if you choose to go for a package option, when planning a destination wedding it may be more budget friendly than planning a wedding locally and potentially considerably less stressful.

A destination wedding is also a good choice if you are struggling with the guest list… I talk about obligation guests a lot and you bet your bottom dollar that the obligation guests that often just come for the free food and booze, probably won’t be shelling out for a ticket and accommodation expenses to travel to the Caribbean or some such place to celebrate with you!

As Rebecca and Megan both said in the podcast it’s very important to do your research about the destination and venue prior to paying any money. Booking through a reputable company, whether it is, or one of their counterparts, would ensure that you are in safe and experienced hands, when it comes to planning and event management long distance.

It’s also good to mention that you don’t have to get married at a hotel or resort, there are plenty of other destination wedding options such as vineyards, private houses, estates, airbnb properties, inner city destinations… The list is endless. One of my past guests, Lindsay from, deals exclusively in venues all over the USA,

One thing to keep in mind is to give your guests plenty of notice, if you are asking them to travel long distances, and spend considerable money attending your wedding. Be aware that some guests will be unable to make that commitment and try and be understanding of their individual circumstances.

I would highly recommend creating a destination wedding website (Use the codeword WEDDING to save!) to help your guests plan their trip and keep them up-to-date with all the information that they will need when it comes to booking accommodation, flights and other events that you would like them to participate in during your destination wedding celebrations.

A great bonus that comes with planning a destination wedding…and I’m sure you don’t need convincing after hearing the episode…is wearing a beachy, flowy gown, or fab flirty shorter dress. You can get really creative (and dare I say comfortable) depending on where you are getting hitched! Forget the formal gown and heels if you are marrying on a beach or in a resort, embrace the vibe. Here are some options to inspire you.

If you are using a destination wedding planning company, make sure you get everything in writing and be aware of overseas taxes and any additional fees and charges that the venue and country may hit you with. I would highly encourage you to use an overseas travel company like…(I have no affiliation with them but they have a fab rep!) especially if you aren’t interested in getting involved in all of the intricate details of planning a big day such as a planning your wedding from another country.

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