Wedding Q&A – Borrowing customs (when you shouldn’t)

by Aleisha

Bridechilla Podcast Q&A Thursday is my favourite time of the week because I get to share your stories and questions and hopefully help you out of a conundrum or two along the way!

This episode I look at cultural appropriation in weddings…eg when a person takes something that has cultural significance from another culture for their own use and in the process lacks understanding and respect of the significance behind that thing has….you get me?

Look, it’s basically (and this is very un-PC)… white people taking everyone else’s ideas but removing the meaning behind these activities.

Looking good without the meaning. Boo to that.
I was so happy to receive Beverly's email. Her personal perspective about her own culture and traditions really rang true with me. As I have said on numerous occasions, as a white Atheist from Tasmania with very little cultural (or ethnic) background, I can see how some people may wish to nab a few special details from other cultures to 'brighten up' their weddings BUT there must be an understanding that doing so can be realllllly inappropriate. 

Hi Aleisha,
I enjoyed yesterday's Q&A episode (Thursday, 6/17 "Post Wedding Blues), particularly the comments about integrating customs and cultural traditions in Western weddings. I am very proud of my cultural heritage, but there is a disconnect because I was born in the US and grew up with American values on top of cultural traditions from parents who immigrated here. My 

However, I hope you can clarify for your listeners to be mindful of incorporating customs into their wedding if they do not have ties to the culture from where it originates. It's great to incorporate traditions with cultural significance, like in a cross-cultural marriage for example. But borrowing elements from a culture that is not your own simply to make your wedding "unique" can cross the line into cultural appropriation (makes me think of ). I read a great article in Offbeat Bride about this topic that your listeners could refer to. Best, Beverly

I love sharing my favourite podcasts and people who inspire me! A person that is top of mind in that category is Chalene Johnson. business mentor extraordinaire, uber fitness instructor and general good time gal. Last week Chalene devoted a whole week of her podcasts to internet security after going through a rather public cyber hacking ordeal (read about it here) and in the process of listening, I realised how open to these douche bags we were, with my terrible and predictable password and security question answers.  I was inspired to share with you how easy it is to fix your own internet security. Seriously, take a moment to get your shit in gear and make protecting yourself online a priority.

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