094 Wedding Q&A- Social Media at your wedding?

by Aleisha

In episode 94 I continue a conversation that I had live on periscope recently about your wedding guests using social media to share moments of your big day.
One area that’s very new is Periscope and Meerkat…live video broadcasts that be great for people to watch your wedding if they are overseas or unable to attend but also it’s important that privacy settings are in place, unless you want your big day watched all around the world by strangers (maybe that’s your bag?!).
I also answer a question from listener Danie B about negotiating.
How hard should you go before it gets rude?

And carry on the fabulous topic of what to do if your bridesmaids are uncomfortable in the dress that you have spoken…using some great responses from you, my listeners from the Bridechilla Wedding Podcast Facebook Page!
All that and a lot, lot more on the Bridechilla Wedding Podcast, the #1 wedding planning podcast!

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