Best Advice from Wedding Bloggers Part 2

by Aleisha

Episode 93 of the Bridechilla Wedding Podcast is Part 2 of my special series sharing the absolute best wedding planning advice from the worlds BEST wedding bloggers, that have featured on the wedding podcast so far.

I’ve met and interviewed some pretty influential and in the know wedding bloggers. What’s great about speaking with them is they keep up with all of the new and wonderful additions to the world of weddings in their individual niches.

This episode I bring you my favourite excerpts from my interview with 

-Wedding planner and blogger Charley Beard from shares her thoughts on smashing unrealistic wedding expectations

-Karen Cinnamon from the Jewish wedding Planning blog speaks about finding your voice and style when it comes to planning a ‘traditional’ wedding.

-Lindsay from shares her tips on finding a wedding venue that we delight and inspire you and your guests.

-Wedding celebrant Josh Withers brings us his best tips for finding the right person to marry you.

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