107 Top tips from a Top Wedding DJ

by Aleisha

Listen to episode 107 of The Bridechilla Podcast

For something so imperative to creative a mood and the overall success of a wedding celebration, music is often a last minute decision or afterthought.
So many couples just get someone to whack together a mixed tape (mp3!) and hope for the best?
A lot more than you would imagine!
In episode 107, we crack the case of creating the ideal wedding music for your big day!
The job of a wedding DJs has evolved and today’s podcast guest, Tony Winyard has been Dj-ing for over twenty years!

About AWE ...Anthony Winyard Entertainment

Tony is a master of ceremonies, wedding Host and DJ.
He’s worked at over two thousand weddings and has an enduring passion for helping to make weddings both memorable and fun with the entertainment that he provides.

He also has 10,000+ hours experience on the club scene, both in the UK and abroad....he's a top chap and a great expert to speak with...I thoroughly enjoyed our interview and I am looking forward to having Tony back on the show again soon!

Connect with Tony

Follow on TwitterFacebookGoogle+ & catch up with his video blogs on YouTube
Tony also writes very informative and helpful regular blogs about wedding entertainment, music and hosting weddings....something he is extremely experienced with. Well worth a visit to his website! 

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