108 Wedding Q&A – Healing Family Rifts

by Aleisha

Listen to episode 108 of The Bridechilla Podcast Episode

An episode 108, a Wedding Q&A beauty, listener Britta left me a heartfelt message that I believe anyone from a ‘broken home’ can relate to. She said it’s not decorations or music or aesthetic details that she is concerned about; it’s her newly divorced parents that are worrying her.
Breakups are tough on everyone; especially the kids and I think parents getting divorced when you are an adult can be particularly tough. By the sound of her message, Britta is a strong and determined #Bridechilla who is connected with what is truly important on her wedding day, a celebration of love (with family harmony a priority).

By no means can we be expected to heal family rifts but hopefully we can help them understand the importance of sharing a day like a wedding celebration together, without bringing up their shit and spoiling it!
In this episode, I also touch on ways to zazz up your guest book and reveal another fabulous response to the 100th episode survey, weighing up the pro and cons of getting married on a private property vs a venue.
All that and a lot, lot more on the Bridechilla Wedding Podcast, the #1 wedding planning podcast!

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