110 Wedding Q&A- Sticking to your guns

by Aleisha

Listen to episode 110 of The Bridechilla Podcast

What a fabulous, active community we’ve created with the Bridechilla Wedding Podcast! So much feedback and good vibes!
I received a lot of feedback about recent listener question from episode 104, when Alicia asked if it was kosher to invite her MOH's cheating, on and off again boyfriend to the wedding, when she really didn't want to see his 'slimy rat face'.
Alicia was aware of not hurting her friends feeling but also didn't want to feel obliged to have the dude there. Well, you really had some things to say about that.

I also share some delightful correspondence from two grooms who are regular listeners. It’s great to hear their perspective on wedding planning and what they are looking forward to about marriage and the wedding itself.

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