135- Call Your Girlfriend; Long distance friendship with Aminatou Sow

by Aleisha

A total pleasure to share some podcast airtime with my new long distance friend and super co-host of the very fabulous podcast Call Your Girlfriend... http://callyourgirlfriend.com/, Aminatou Sow.
Aminatou has been a bridesmaid over TEN TIMES.
In this episode we discuss everything from valuing and maintaining long distance (and local) friendships, the importance of the word ‘no’ when it comes to your bridesmaids, bad gifting and Aleisha’s shocking admission of Real Housewives bias….seriously.
SO much fun.
SO moreish.

Call Your Girlfriend is a podcast for all the long-distance besties out there. Every other week, Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow discuss ‘Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the beauty of caftans, menstruation news, Kimye, Pitbull, Hillary Rodham Clinton, casual racism, emoji, straight people, California, rom-coms, Lorde lipstick, and so much more’. I LOVE IT SO!
All that and a lot, lot more on the Bridechilla Wedding Podcast, the #1 wedding planning podcast!

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