141- Confessions of an awful bridesmaid

by Aleisha

What I would call a helpful and super honest episode today, featuring confessions from a failed bridesmaid…me!

I interview my bestie Nicole about not being a bridesmaid at her wedding… well being asked to be a bridesmaid and an MC and having to choose….long story!

It’s a episode about perspective, hindsight and how friendships recover and thrive from their history. It’s a must listen to all who have friends and who are including their friends in their wedding…I’m guessing that is most of you!

I love being able to share this story with you and have some giggles along the way!

(above) Nicole and I on my wedding day and (right) the super fabulous cook book that was gifted to me (designed by Nicole and her very clever husband Mikey) featuring all of our favourite recipes!

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