BEST OF – Overcoming Wedding Stress with Dr Lindsay Bira

by Aleisha

The Bridechilla Podcast isn't just about the aesthetics of wedding planning, like decorations and dresses, many episodes cover the stuff the wedding magazines sometimes ignore. 
One of the collective themes that unites the Bridechilla Community is the sometimes odd realization that wedding planning can very quickly shift from being fun to overwhelming. 
Juggling 'normal life', relationships, work and other priorities as well as all of the pieces that go into planning a wedding isn't something that a lot of us are trained in...I certainly hadn't planned a big event before (or paid for one!).

Everyone gets stressed, it's how you deal with stress is the kicker

Being stressed doesn’t mean you aren’t happy, or not coping…everyone manages (and recognises) stress in different ways, so in this best of episode of the Bridechilla Podcast, clinical health psychologist Dr Lindsay Bira gives us some very practical ways to alter our communication to help calm negativity and get our point across without losing it.
We also talk about how to be more mindful and be more aware of your stress triggers and how to settle the anxiety and communicate with friends and family more productively.

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Dr Lindsay Bira

Dr Lindsay Bira, a clinical health psychologist who is here to help us with the tools to put into place to prevent stress or at least lessen the burden especially when it comes to wedding planning.

Be sure to check out Dr Lindsay's homepage and learn about some of the coaching that she offers.
Follow her on Twitter and Instagram. 

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1 comment

Rose Lindo April 25, 2016 - 6:06 pm

Great interview and tips! Lindsay is such a great person. We actually know Lindsay here in San Antonio and she makes such a great impact in our community for mental health.


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