211- Bridechilla Wedding Planning Q&A

by Aleisha

In this Q&A Thursday episode Bridechilla DeAnna from Indianapolis is getting hitched in 3 weeks. They’ve met with officiant but DeAnna is concerned about the announcement of Mr. and Mrs. after the wedding…a really interesting question about our identity and how we feel bout being a Mrs!

Bridechilla Eadaoin is also getting married this month and left a fantastic voice message about her planning and how she has painted her chill though most of the wedding planning adventures (even when faced with a dress drama).
Bridechilla Courtney would also like to hear of any new suggestions to include her step parents in their wedding.

Plan Your Wedding in 60 Days

I also introduce Bridechilla Podcast partner Amanda Saturday who has created a marvellous online course ‘Plan Your Wedding in 60 Days’.
Amanda is writer and wedding coordinator and shares some valuable insights from her course about staying organised and focused when it comes to planning your big day.

Amanda is a huge advocate of getting all of your wedding planning done in just 60 days, and it won't be with nearly the amount of stress as it would if you pieced it together on your own.
Plan Your Wedding in 60 Days is a self paced online course that will virtually hold your hand throughout the process.

Here's why the course will reduce your stress and save your budget:
  • You will be given the tools you need to be organized both on the go at at home.
  • You will be guided through the booking process by order of importance rather than a timeline that spans over a year.
  • You will learn about contracts and what questions to ask to avoid hidden fees.
  • You will learn about modern day wedding etiquette.
  • You will learn how to communicate your exact vision to your vendors.

And much more...To learn more about Amanda’s course, visit https://www.thebridechilla.com/60days
All that and a lot, lot more on the Bridechilla Podcast, the #1 wedding planning podcast!

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Jamie Smith September 15, 2016 - 7:29 pm

Just listened to episode 211 – and I’m so excited about Amanda’s course! I tried to sign-up via your link, and I don’t think it’s working. Is there another way to sign-up?

Many thanks!


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