Get Hitched In Indie Style- #marriedinmodecloth-

by Aleisha

If you are a long time listener to the Bridechilla Podcast you would know that I am pretty particular about who I welcome into the Bridechilla partnership family and I have to tell you when I was approached by, I was delighted with a capital D. I adore their indie style and own a number of modcloth pieces, which are a staple of my wardrobe!

Modcloth is one of my favourite go to websites to find fun and friendly fashion... and decor that’s as expressive and unique as you are Bridechillas! They stock a full range of sizes ― because that is what fashion is for...It is for EVERYONE!

Enter the very fabulous (and affordable) modcloth bridal range!

What really appeals to me is that they have recently launched their own super new affordable bridal and bridesmaid range (and don't get me started on their amazing range of accessories!), that I know will appeal to Bridechillas and Maidchillas who are keen to look super sassy without the four digit (or five) price tag! 

If you are looking for inspiration and examples of Bridechillas who have purchased their wedding getup from modcloth, then you must check out the #Marriedinmodcloth hashtag on insti. There are SO many awesome images of sassy Bridechillas and their maidchillas who have worn's new bridal range. 

Image @marycostaphoto

Vow Do You Do? Wedding Dress in White

Image @modecloth

Bride and Joy Wedding Dress in White

Show off in the Style Gallery

One thing I particularly LOVE about modcloth is their Style Gallery.  It’s an open, inclusive fashion community and a place for Modecloth Mavens to share their personal style (and maybe show off the cute pieces from their most recent Modcloth haul). In short, it’s a place where real people like you go to inspire and be inspired!

Image by @averyreedmichaels

Get your very own bridal modstylist

If you're a little overwhelmed with the choice and decisions when it comes to dress and accessory section modcloth has also just launched their complimentary 'modstylists' suite of service, which includes one-on-one bridal gown sizing, selection, and styling expertise. They can also help you pick the perfect accessories to create a uniquely chic look that showcases your personal style.

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