Super wedding planning- The Bridechilla Rose way- Part 2

by Aleisha


In yesterday's bridechilla Blog Bridechilla Rose showed just how quickly you can make BIG wedding planning decisions!  Girl is getting stuff done and she's not finished yet. Today she shares some valuable advice about using your existing vendors to find more vendors (word of mouth is Queen!), the often costly price of trying on wedding dresses and how to prioritise DIY and hiring pros!

Here we were very lucky. I happened to work as a wedding photographer's assistant for a few years before uni. For a woman who also happens to be my mums best friend! Emma Coleman at Blink Photography.
I love Emma and I wouldn't have anyone else photographing our wedding. Emma is basically part of my family and has been a part of my life for so many years! She's so relaxed and has the perfect style to capture our day. We asked her to photograph our wedding, and happily she said yes!! Our photographer will also be one of our wonderful guests, which makes me insanely happy!

Bridechilla Rose and her fiancé Richard

Image by Emma Coleman at Blink Photography


I don't want to give too much away here! But I've been to 3 dress shops already, and have 3 more lined up! I have already loved one dress, but don't think it can hurt to look around.
Research was key here! Once I'd been to one shop, I had more of an idea of what I wanted. From that it was easier to look up designers (in the budget!) and hunt down shops in London that stock them. (Although, a lot of central London wedding dress boutiques do charge an appointment fee. These have ranged from £20 to £75 to just try dresses on!
My tip is to do your research and try to find shops a bit further out of central London. Greater London is key here for saving a bit of money. That £75 could be spent on so many other things!) I've also bought my wedding shoes from Zara. I've never been a shoes girl. I hate them to be honest. So plain white (with some see through bits) Zara heels are what I've gone for. Shoes were never a priority for me and no one will see them anyway!

As a designer, I have an advantage here! Over the last few months I've designed our save the dates and researched printers, along with colours, printing techniques... Etc. Our save the dates have now been sent off to the printers and should be with us any day now!

I've dabbled in modern calligraphy for about a year now, and it's really come in handy here! Richard did have to sit through a number of painful evenings with me asking about paper colours and stocks, but I think it will be worth it! (Hopefully he'll agree too!).

Peckham Asylum actually has a list of suppliers which you can choose to use if you of which is a music company called.. Craft Music. They were so helpful in discussing the type of music we had in mind for the ceremony and what feel we wanted... We didn't really have a clue to begin with! We're in the process of booking the ceremony music at the moment and I couldn't recommend the company anymore! They've been fantastic!
*If you are searching for advice on wedding music, check out this episode of the Bridechilla Podcast. 

Hair and make up.
Similar to our wonderful photographer Emma! My mum has some wonderful friends! One who just happens to be a hair and make up artist and who has offered to make me up on the day! Will keep everyone updated with how that goes.....

Had a few contacts (through Emma!) and we now have a cake tasting booked in the next few months & a few other quotes in my inbox! I'm hoping for gooseberry jam, as I absolutely love gooseberries. We already have our cake topper from etsy too! As I totally fell in love with a fox and bunny topper, and I just had to have it! (We have a bit of a fox obsession!)

We've booked a hotel for me (and my parents) the night before our wedding in Pimlico, so nearish distance to the venue. I would have ideally liked to stay at home and get ready in the family house, but sadly it's just too far away. We chose the Artists Residence in Pimlico for the night before (and our first night as husband & wife, as we really didn't want to go back to our flat!). It's a homely hotel, that will hopefully make me feel as relaxed as possible, without being in familiar surroundings!
Our actual honeymoon is still in discussion. This may be the last thing we book!

We've hired a bus! Of course! What better way to ferry people around than on a good old fashion london transport?
I've always pictured us having a bus somewhere in the day and I actually took a bus to prom!
Keeping with the theme! So, our guests from the north will get to enjoy the real (ish!) London experience of the double decker red bus!

Last one! Most people do yoga to relax, or some sort of cardio.. But I like to walk. So I've upped my walking and I'm loving it! Sadly, work is slightly too far to get to by foot, but I walk half the way and then tube the rest. I'm trying to do 10,000 a day at least.
On Saturday Richard and I walked to crystal palace and managed 22,000 steps!
Happy days!
Phew! I think that's it. Time for a G&T now I think!
Well done if you've got this far down...It's been a bloody busy 4 months, and I feel like we've dealt relatively well! (Richard more than myself!) but, even though sometimes it's overwhelming, it's lovely to plan this day and our future together.
Will continue on a later date as we try to get a handle on the rest of everything. Mainly booking someone to actually marry us!
(Did you know you can't book a registrar in the UK until a year to the date?! So annoying!)
Off to the wedding fair at excel mid sept! Preparing for the craziness of that!!!
Chat then! Bridechilla(ish!) Rose.

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