220- 9 Last minute Wedding Planning To Dos

by Aleisha

You've spent, months (of not years) planning your wedding. It's a big gig!
The weeks leading up to your wedding will be exciting, that I can guarantee but the one thing you don’t want them to be is stressful, so today on the Bridechilla Podcast, I have gathered 9 tasks that you should add to your to do list, to make sure pre- wedding prep goes smoothly and you glide through the weeks approaching your wedding, instead of feeling any panic/insanity.
Some of these suggestions may be obvious…but they’re often the tasks that we forget!

From wedding day underwear to hair removal to preparing an in case of emergency kit, I know you will find value in today’s show!

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Here are 7 of my tips from this episode...you've have to listen for the other two! 

1. Assign a day of, problem solving person

If you aren’t having a wedding coordinator or day of planner to help you with your planning, then a BIG task that needs to be decided early on is who your go to helper person is, since you don't want to be swarmed with questions and potential problems on the day. Pick a friend, your Aunt Daphne…just make it someone who you trust to get stuff done and who can think laterally if need be.

2. Speech writing and prep

If you are making a speech, give yourself plenty of time to practise it, write it (!) and feel comfortable in the content. Don’t be like me; penning the speech in my hair rollers and downloading music via my very tenuously connected hotspot on the morning of your wedding!

3. Hair Removal + Tanning

If hair is going then do it early and give your body time to react in whatever way it is going to react without the drama of that particular body part being on display and having a bad reaction.The last thing you want is being red, blotchy, or itchy before your wedding day and that goes for tanning products too…give them a whirl in the weeks leading up to your wedding. The days leading up to your wedding aren’t a great time to become a beauty tester. Go with what you know!

4. Backup Plans, Plan B

I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer and it’s probably not going to happen but as we are but humans and have yet to discover a way to completely control the weather, if you have an outside component to your day and if inclement weather strikes you need an alternative plan. If you don’t want to invest in a marquee or some other tenty device, then do some research for halls, venues and places with a roof that you could move the wedding to at the last minute if need be.

5. Cards and Gifts collector person

What are you going to do with all the cards and gifts at the end of your great affair? You are going to ask a friend or family to gather up all of your gifts. And do last minute checks of the venue to make sure no one has left anything behind. Give the task to someone who is responsible and not going to get too smashed.

6. Check your passport and other important docs

If you are lucky enough to be travelling out of the country, be sure to check the check that your passports are up to date and have at least six months before they expire as some countries won’t let you in if your passport is due to expire. Also call your bank or credit card company to let them know when you are going O/S so they don’t think someone’s off gallivanting on your coin.

7. Grab the Bridechilla Emergency Kit

Just like the back up shelter for rain, it’s also a winning idea to be super organised and put together a kit/bag/pack of things that we rely on from our bathroom cupboard that you might need on the day BUT that may not easy to find at your venue. Grab yourself our handy pack and be sure to maintain your chill through any potential blip or minor hiccup. 

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