224- The Wedding Virus

by Aleisha

224- The Wedding Virus with Natalie Shell

The Wedding Virus is a term that describes how all things love and marriage seem to spread like a virus across groups of friends and women regardless of location or status.

Today on the Bridechilla Podcast I share a delightful half hour with fellow author and Aussie, Natalie Shell, who wrote a candid, fun and optimistic book that offers an insightful look into topics of love, engagement, weddings, sex and other scribbles about being a woman.
The Wedding Virus & Other Snippets is a fictional work that offers an insightful look into the things we all think but don't say. Designed to be read in bite-sized pieces, much as you might eat candy—as little or as much as you can stomach—this collection is a must-read for anyone who has ever wanted love or caught and survived the wedding virus.

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Natalie Shell

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