225- Wedding Planning Q&A

by Aleisha

225- Wedding Planning Q&A

Bridechilla Doriean is getting hitched in but a few weeks and would like some last minute advice about adding an interactive component to help friends and family who may not be able to make the big day.
She also shares some insight into the tradition of jumping over the broom (the act symbolizes a new beginning and a sweeping away of the past, and can also signify the joining of two families)…something she wanted to research after hearing episode 169 with The Feminist Bride, who encouraged us all to research traditions that we wanted to use in our weddings.

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Anonymous Bridechilla is having trouble with her Dad and his insistence of inviting his cousins to their wedding. Does she battle or relent?

Looking for alternative additions to their wedding Bridechilla Lelya and her fiancé Arie sent a message in hope of inspiration to add fun touches that won’t cost too much. Bridechilla Dylan is getting hitched in the next few weeks and wanted to let us know what episodes of the show floated her boat and helped her during the process. Finally Rich pops in to be silly… he’ll be co-hosting an episode super soon!

All that and a lot, lot more on the Bridechilla Wedding Podcast, the #1 wedding planning podcast!

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