Wedding Invitation Discount Hunting That Paid Off

by Aleisha

By Bridechilla Amelia

My fiancé pulls a face whenever I mention wedding costs. He’s just not the sort of person who likes to spend money. But when I told him I got all of our wedding invitations and save the dates shipped for $10.06 in Australia, the face he pulled was not the one I’m used to. 

Amelia and Andrew

He might not like spending money, but I love hunting down ways to save money so I can get what I want for as little as possible. (See: My addiction to shopping at Kmart).

Now, I’ll be honest up front: I have to order 10 more reply cards, because I messed up the numbers, but I also ordered 10 more save the dates than I needed, so it evens out. It’s possible to get 30 invitations, reply cards and 10 save the dates for $10 on vistaprint, including shipping. It means being prepared in advance, having a bit of luck and searching out vistaprint discount codes, but it’s definitely possible.

1. Design

I designed our invitations on* – beyond that, I have no affiliation with them. They have some cool templates to fiddle with and some free resources for backgrounds, fonts, etc. In the end, I downloaded a rainbow watercolour background from deviantart to use for the basis of our invitations, but you could just as easily use etsy, canva itself, or the many resources that are out there. I copied the font combination from one of their templates, because I don’t have an eye for fonts.

Using something like canva is an easy way to tie all paper products together – I’ve also designed our seating chart (draft, obviously), table numbers, menu, hashtag information, place cards and thank you cards on there. Will I use all of them? Don’t know. But if I do, it’ll be cohesive, which is pretty cool.

Susan Brand Design

2. Digital Save the Dates

This isn’t going to work for everyone, but I went through my guest list and figured out who would be happy to receive a digital rather than printed save the date. In the end, it was 8 households that wouldn’t – his grandparents, both of our parents and our sets of uncles and aunts. I went through paperless post, but there are other services out there, and you can even just email an image straight to your guest list (if you remember to use BCC!). However, paperless post worked out to be free for me, because I went through, uploaded my own image (again, designed on canva) and deleted all the extra faff like the envelope liners. You don’t have to go as far as me – you can have the cute envelopes and reply cards – but for a save the date, I thought this worked just as well!

Paperless Post

3. Printing

Some people have some issues with vistaprint, but I don’t want the fanciest invitations. They provide envelopes for free, which was the deciding factor for me between vistaprint and officeworks. If you do, you probably aren’t looking at how to print invitations for $10! But there are also upgrades available with vistaprint, if you find the basic isn’t up to your standards. They do a wide variety of paper types and will send you a kit with various types for you to check. Determine what you want, and put the invites in your vistaprint cart with the options that you want. Double check the numbers, because you’ll be really mad if you’re ten cards short. And wait.

4. Couponing

And this is why this only really applies if you have enough time in advance. About once a year, vistaprint will put out a $50 off, no minimum spend coupon. Google “vistaprint [your country] coupon” on a weekly basis. If you don’t have enough time to wait for that, there are regular 40%-50% off sales. They do groupons and other coupons too, but that won’t stack with the sales and in my case (for a previous purchase) worked out more expensive.

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