232- Unplugged Weddings & Choreography

by Aleisha

232- Unplugged Weddings & Choreography

Will you be accompanied down the aisle? Is there an aisle? Who is working the music in your wedding service?Can they use and iPod? Will there be programs?How long will your wedding ceremony go for and what colour clothes (if you get a choice) would you like your celebrant or register to wear? These are but a few of the questions answered by today’s guest, Celebrant Holly Smith, who returns to the Bridechilla Podcast, to share her wisdom about preparing fro your wedding ceremony, which surprisingly is something that many couples neglect.

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In this episode, Holly drops one info bomb after another, giving you a bunch of things to add to your guest list to ensure that you are super prepared and that no matter where you are getting married and who is marrying you, you know what is going to happen when. Surprises are good but not during your wedding service!We also talk about the evolving topic of ‘Unplugged weddings’ something that Holly is witnessing in many iterations in wedding services that she has conducted.She shares some great ways to calmly and politely ensure that your guests are present (without phones in front of their faces) during your ceremony and clever ways to makes sure that they get the point without necessarily having to put up big signs (if that isn’t your style).

If you are considering a celebrant for your wedding, baby naming or vow renewal ceremony, you’re bound to have some questions. Take a look at Holly’s FAQs and get in touch with her to discuss how Holly can help make your ceremony as incredible as the rest of your day. Your first meeting is completely no-obligation.email: holly@celebrantlondon.com

All that and a lot, lot more on the Bridechilla Podcast, the #1 wedding planning podcast!

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