239- Bridechilla Wedding Q&A: de-stress before the big day!

by Aleisha

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Bridechilla Jen has been negotiating with her ‘dream florist’ for the past month but has hit a wall in proceedings as she was hoping to add some wholesale flowers herself to bud vases as an addition to the florists work.

The florist has an exclusivity contract and has refused to work with Jen if she wants to add DIY accents to her day. What to do?
Bridechilla Katie has decided not to have bridesmaids at their wedding but wants to include all of her close girlfriends in fun activities without the pressure of actually dressing up and being in a formal role.

How does she ask and explain without offending her friends that did have bridesmaids?
Kirsty is getting married this week! She’s keen to know how to calm her nerves and feel in control and ready to enjoy all of her guests and celebrations! Happy wedding Bridechilla Kirsty!

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