241- Bridechilla Wedding Planning Q&A

by Aleisha

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I LOVE Bridechilla Q&A Thursday, it's when the straight wedding talk hits it's peak and today you bring it with the questions and I bring it with the answers. ?

Bridechilla Amy from Calgary and her fiancé have been together for 5 years. Amy proposed to her boyfriend 6 months ago but now she's asking for our advice about how to motivate her fiancé to be interested and involved in the actual planning.

Bridechilla Halley shares an update on a previous question that she shared on Bridechilla Q&A about wedding photography on a budget.
Bridechilla Tatiana is dealing with grumpy vendors who have email response tude.
How does she get them to up their game? Should she call them on it or just move on?

Bridechilla Heather and her fiancé have had great success with pre-marital counselling and the book, the 5 Languages of Love. Heather would also like our help with some advice about renting a photobooth or DIY-ing photobooth.

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