248- Positive Bridechilla Body Image

by Aleisha

I want this episode to inspire and empower us to push past the 'how much weight are you going to lose?' questions and 'sweating for the wedding' propaganda and tap into how we feel about our bodies.

Wedding planning for some Bridechilllas is a time where insecurities (that for many began in adolescence) come to the forefront.

Anxiety and stress present in different ways.I grind my teeth and wake up early.

I store weight, wake up early and have moments when my heart flutters fro no reason.As Brides we are constantly being told that we should be having a great time and enjoying every moment of the planning process, that we should smile and be grateful, that we should look our best…but who decides what ‘our best’ that is?

For many people, their self-worth hinges on their appearance- we’re told we should strive to look a certain way on our wedding day (and in life in general) but the great injustice is that we should be putting that energy into how we feel (and if that is attached to focusing on looking after your body and mind, that’s great).

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