235- Badass Bridechilla OGs

by Aleisha

Every second Wednesday I am lucky enough to share an hour with today’s guests Cristina and Kristen.

They are my friends and fellow wedding business ladies. We meet on Skype to share ideas, inspirations and ways to serve our Bridechillas better. I am excited to have both of them on the show together….we joked that we are Bridechilla OGs….Original Gangsta’s of the Bridal business, breaking the rules and smack talking traditions and feeling stressed.In this episode we talk about post engagement stress, the pressure you feel to instantly have all of the answers, when you really just want to feel the joy of being in love (not giving people dates and details). We also talk about money and the challenge that some couples can feel talking about money in new relationships.

Listen to the episode

I loved recording this episode! I hope you enjoy it too….I’m looking forward to our next show together and to hearing your suggestions about what topics that you would like us to cover in our next record.
Cristina is the founder of Plan the Day, which Brides Eliminate Wedding Stress by keeping wedding information all in one place.
Kristen is the Founder of Love Notery. She is love Storyteller. Personal Documentarian. Wordsmith. Grab her exclusive “Wedding vows that Wow’ workbook

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