255- Weddiculous Bridechilla with Jamie Lee

by Aleisha

Bridechilla, Comedian and Girl Code star Jamie Lee joins me on the Podcast to share some marvels from her new wedding planning book Weddiculous.

She brings her first-hand experiences and hilarious hard-won insights that totally earns her a Bridechilla gold badge. Putting the madness into perspective, Jamie and I talk all about how the label of Bridezilla should be finally retired, how to juggle having a life and planning your wedding and why there is someone that is always in need of the attention (and big hint, it 99% of the time is not the bride). 
Weddiculous includes helpful checklists, timelines, and suggestions on everything from what questions to ask vendors to how to handle difficult bridesmaids to what’s worth the extra cost (and more importantly, what’s not). Throughout, Jamie provides guidance on when you should trust your gut and when you may want to listen to others.

What Amy Sedaris has done for hospitality and crafting, Jamie Lee now does for weddings. Weddiculous will help keep you calm and focused on what’s really important about your wedding day. http://www.weddiculousbook.com

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Debbi Weiss February 15, 2017 - 4:56 am

You are doing great stuff. Good luck with world domination!

If you ever want to do an interview about the do’s and don’ts of DIY flowers for weddings, why wedding flowers seem to cost so much, getting ripped of by floral/stylists/designers on your big day – how to avoid this…. anything to do with wedding flowers, I’m always up for a chat.

Debbi Weiss
Dragonfly Floral Design.


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