256- Bridechilla Podcast- Q&A Monday

by Aleisha

The one thing we can’t do, as much as it would be helpful (but perhaps a tad totalitarian and evil) is control other people and how they feel and act. A lot of questions that we receive on the Bridechilla Podcast are about how other people are reacting and communicating during YOUR wedding planning…how their behaviour is making your life unnecessarily stressful. We feel obligation and pressure to make choices that don’t fit with our plans or ‘dreams’.
It can be hard.
Today on the podcast, Bridechilla Geneva is having trouble with her in-laws who appear to be confused about how they feel about the wedding all together- how long should Geneva and her partner put up with flakiness for and how should they communicate their disappointment to really make sure her in-laws understand how much their actions are troubling them?
Bridechilla Brittney is having trouble with an unlucky in love Bridesmaid who seems to be acting out, perhaps deflecting feelings about her own relationship issues and instead taking away from Brittney’s celebrations.After giving her parents and in-laws a 50 people cap on their guest list, Bridechilla Aleigha is finding herself deep in guest list dramas- oh and also her Dad has a new girlfriend, who he’s like to bring as a date to the wedding! FUN.
Lastly Bridechilla Taleen wants some advice about asking for cash as a wedding gift. Can you do it in a polite way?

Listen to the episode below

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