257-Incorporating culture and tradition with Bridechilla Chloe

by Aleisha

One of the things that I love about producing the Bridechilla podcast is the diversity of the bridechilla community.

We all come from different backgrounds, family Histories, religions and cultures and there are so many wonderful ways to incorporate these details and traditions into a modern weddings today on the show I will come bridechilla Chloe who left me a fantastic voice message explaining the highs and lows of her wedding planning so far.

She is confident and funny and I am so happy to be featuring her story with you today.

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From creative ways to save money and use your community to help you plan your wedding to sharing Chloe's perspective on feminism, fitness and incorporating elements from two cultures into their wedding, I know you will benefit from this episode. Chloe has great advice on keeping everyone happy but most importantly following her heart and planning the wedding that truly reflect them as a couple!
Check out Chloe's homepage and follow her on Facebooktwitter and Instagram!

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