by Aleisha

A Bridechilla is compassionate and calm.
Understands that perfection isn’t actually a thing
Challenges traditions that are meaningless to her
Knows that her wedding day will be memorable but also that there will be many more ‘best days of her life’ too.
Cares about opinions of loved ones but isn’t driven by them
Is the sort of gal that says ‘Fuck chair covers’ and doesn’t worry about details that none of her guests will even notice.
Is empowered by strong women
Doesn’t put other Bridechillas down to feel better about herself
Isn’t driven by obligations or old promises
Will never fake smile on her wedding day
Accepts support and help when she needs it
Has a life outside of wedding planning
Commits time to look after her mind and body
Doesn’t yell to get her point across
Deflects other people’s wedding related dramas
Won’t change to conform to look a certain way
A Bridechilla supports other Bridechillas and embraces our differences (and similarities)
You are a Bridechilla

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