258- Bridechilla Wedding Planning Q&A

by Aleisha

Being a Bridechilla isn’t always easy but with this podcast, wine and access to a field to scream in, you will be on your way!
Today on the Bridechilla Podcast, it’s Q&A time, where I put on my virtual bridesmaid shoes and help you out with some different perspectives on wedding planning problems and hopefully solutions too!

Long distance wedding planning and the choosing a wedding date that will possibly fall on a day the is sensitive for her fiancé’s family is weighing on Bridechilla Emmi. She’s also getting hitched in a football town so is battling the power of sport (and hotel bookings during peak season).
Bridechilla Ashton and her fiancé are looking to make their wedding more interactive and personal and have some wonderful suggestions for bringing your guests together on the day.Bridechilla Shawna asks about allocating responsibilities and juggling family members offers of help to hold events in the lead up to her wedding.

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