260- Don’t Plan a Wedding- Plan a Lifetime

by Aleisha

Weddings and parties are great but as today’s guest, Shawn Miller says ‘what good is an amazing wedding without an amazing marriage to back it up?’.I love talking about all of the details about weddings but hopefully by now you have also become aware that the Bridechilla Podcast is all about focusing on relationships and communication- all the stuff that is emotionally connected to planning a wedding and beyond.

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My guest, Shawn Miller (along with his wife Erica) is the founder of Young Hip & Married—he also happens to be one of their officiants and is a qualified life coach. As well has marrying people, Shawn and Erica run relationship and pre-marital coaching programs that help couples discover the strengths in their relationship and discover how to get the most out of them.Most people spend more time training for the job than they do for their marriage and I know that this episode will encourage you to invest some time into the success of your marriage by dedicating time and energy to not just wedding planning but also your relationship and the future.Be sure to pay a visit to the Young Hip & Married homepage and Blog. Also they’re very social, so hit up their accounts below!


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