How to travel Hack your Honeymoon

by Aleisha

A 'luxury' honeymoon at a far away location does not have to come with the luxury price.  
Newlyweds continue to expand their horizons, looking for less traveled, attractive honeymoon destinations to explore and chill post wedding. 

The choice of destinations continues to grow with exotic sites that are far from the popular, mainstream options AND the beautiful thing is, you can combine some clever hacks and fantastic deals to get your tropical vibes or adventure boots on, for a fraction of the cost of a 'normal' honeymoon.

So, start married life with an incredible adventure and get planning. 

Travel Hack your Honeymoon

Travel hacking is the art of collecting frequent flier points and miles to get free flights, hotels, tours, and more. It can also involve using cashback websites, error fares and affiliate links. This may sound complicated but in fact it is easy peasy.

My husband Rich and I save at least 10-50% off hotels (plus earning free nights) whenever we travel.

Firstly, we always use cash back websites Ebates. It is so simple and once you start using it, I guarantee, you won't want to make an online purchase without it.

Ebates offers a bunch of extra coupon codes that you can use in addition to the 6% off (see below for this weeks deals).
Great for saving good money off honeymoon packages.

Example of Ebates deals

Fabulous Hotels for less also has a handy Hotel Rewards system, you collect 1 night for every night you stay at an eligible hotel. Once you have collected 10 nights, you'll get 1 free night at an eligible hotel (Again, hello honeymoon).

By using a credit card with frequent flyer rewards points and miles for these transactions...for our honeymoon we used our American Express card which also gave us an automatic upgrade, late checkout and spa credit....FANCY!
By combining these steps you save, save, save. We also subscribe to Secret Flying for access to amazing error fares and hotel deals.

Private homes of the rich and famous...

If you are looking for honeymoon inspo editor-in-chief Meg over at Bridechilla Podcast favourite, A Practical Wedding, has published 40 of the best honeymoon destinations with some great tips for thinking outside the box and staying on budget.
Combine these destination with the wonderful world of Airbnb (use my member link for a credit) and you have yourself a whole new project to immerse yourself in (seriously, some of these places are amaaaaazing). 
Bridal Musings have done some of the work for you and found these 10 amazing honeymoon airbnbs from around the world which will get your juices flowing, from stilt houses under the stars to fairy lit tree houses in the woods!
Warning, there are some seriously epic looking locations on offer, you may just need 2 honeymoons!Ahhh, is there such a thing as renewing of your honeymoon?
Still looking for more honeymoon inspo? Check out our list of some of the hottest 'new' (and historically old!) honeymoon destinations below. 

Feeling Tropical?


It’s not a secret that couples have an infatuation with a honeymoon in a paradisiacal, hot spot, but really what’s not to love?

Warm temperatures, fantastic beaches and lots of activities, you named it!
Besides the more popular choices, there’s a vast array of options for those who want to experience the magic of the Caribbean without going to the same places that most people go and recommend.

Cartagena (Colombia), Aruba, Martinique, and Puerto Rico are some of the spots that can offer you a beautiful experience in a tropical setting without having to deal with huge crowds or feeling like you’re doing the same as all the other couples.

Going small in the old continent

When you talk about a honeymoon in Europe, most people will point you towards the main cities, starting with the famously known as the city of love, Paris. But you can take the less beaten path and still enjoy a once in a lifetime experience.

Destinations like Sicily (Italy), Alentejo (Portugal), Bordeaux (France), and Cork (Ireland), just to name a few, offer a broad spectrum of options for the most discerning tastes, going from warm coastal little villages all the way to small rural settlements with incredible natural landscapes.

Taking the leap to a whole new culture in Asia and Oceania

If you´re looking for something even more exotic and adventurous, you can make the long journey all the way to the other side of the world.

China, Thailand, Indonesia are some of the Asian countries that offer an unusual combination of ancient culture, breath-taking natural landscapes and distant locations where you can take all the time in the world to relax and rejoice in the arms of your loved one.
On the other hand, Australia and New Zealand are among the best places that the oceanic continent has to offer for newlyweds that love to have fun, filled with adventures.


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