263- Weddings: Who pays for what?

by Aleisha

Talking about money is not always easy- in any facet of our lives.
Most of us aren’t raised to speak openly about what we are spending our money on and how much we earn and it can be hard to ask friends and family to contribute financially to things and talk openly about cash.

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So, when it comes to weddings, there is so much to pay for (SO MUCH) and it can often be difficult to figure out who is responsible for paying for what.

From splitting costs with parents to Bridesmaids and Groomsman’s attire, often the hardest conversations you will have in your planning adventures figuring out how to talk about the expense of it all.

If you can conquer your budget and the money talk, I guarantee your wedding planning will be 100% easier.

Knowing where you stand, who is paying for what and how it is all going to play out will leave you so much calmer and prepared and far outweigh the temporary awkwardness, some of us feel about speaking about money.

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