268- Finding ‘The Dress’- Adventures in Wedding Dress Shopping

by Aleisha

Finding ‘The one’, the dress (or pantsuit, or tutu) that you wear to your wedding, for some brides is a piece of cake. For others, it can feel like a test given by the wedding gods to challenge your mental health and make you question everything you ever believed about tulle. Some brides might have been dreaming about the details of their dress for years- although as you will hear in this episode, a lot of those ladies have a big change of heart when they try on the ‘dream dress’ and realise it isn’t ‘the one’ at all and thus begins the existential dress crisis.

A really enjoyable and knowledge packed episode of the Bridechilla Podcast, featuring wedding dress buying experts Danielle and Taylor from The Wedding Shoppe who both worked for years ‘on the floor’ as wedding dress consultants and both have seen EVERYTHING...and more!

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Crowd Control

When it comes to bringing people to a bridal appointment, how many is too many? We definitely recommend only bringing in the number of people you REALLY want to be there. For someone people, that may just be 1 person, whereas for others, that might be 11. It completely depends on the bride's personality and what she's comfortable with.A bride shouldn't feel obligated to bring everyone just because they want to go. Friends and family should be understanding that this is a rather intimate experience for most and the more opinions is not always better.As past consultants, we've seen brides come in with just her mom or maid-of-honor for the first appointment where she can narrow down her selection and then will bring the future mother-in-law, bridesmaids, etc, for a second appointment where she actually chooses a gown!

Opinionated friends and relatives

How should a bride handle the opinions of her guests? As consultants, we've seen everything from the over-opinionated Aunt Carol, to the timid Mother who won't express an opinion at all. We completely understand how influenced a bride can be by the opinions of others, but she needs to remember that this decision is ultimately up to her, as she'll be the one wearing it.

How do you know if you've found 'The One'

How do you know it's "the one"? That's a tricky question, since every bride reacts completely differently, but let's just say this -- It's totally okay not to cry!

In fact, the majority of bride's we've seen don't have that super special moment where they break into tears or start jumping up and down in excitement. Some brides "just know" when they try on their dress and others have to go through a super long process of elimination, but our advice would be -- when you find a dress you love and it makes you feel comfortable and beautiful, get it.

There are literally endless options of dresses out there and if your goal was to try on every single style, it would be never-ending.

How do you know if you've found 'The One'

Should I try on a dress that's out of budget? Please, don't. We obviously can't tell you what to do, but if you have a super strict budget, you should definitely stick to it! We've seen brides who have insisted on trying on a gown that was significantly over budget and of course, what happens? They fall in love with it.

Unless you know that there is space in your budget, we definitely wouldn't suggest trying on anything that you can't reasonably pay for.

Give it time!

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are bridal gowns. Be sure to plan ahead and shop for your attire well in advance. Because brides generally need 2 or 3 dress fittings, you’ll want to shop for your outfit about 8-12 months before your nuptials.

It will take about 16-20 weeks for your gown to arrive after you place your order, so allowing ample time for shipping, alterations, and fittings is important. The earlier you start shopping, the less stressful the entire experience will be.


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Jenna May 15, 2017 - 4:40 pm

What a great informative and fun episode! Cant wait to hear more!

Wedding Shoppe, Inc. May 15, 2017 - 4:42 pm

We loved chatting with you! Thank you for having us on and we look forward to the upcoming episodes to come!

Rayce PR & Marketing May 15, 2017 - 9:03 pm

Great idea! Thank you so much for sharing!


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