Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

by Aleisha

By Kristen Rocco:
Leading up to my big day, I had always envisioned writing my own personal wedding vows. I really wanted that moment when I exchanged vows at the altar with my husband to be my own words, my own feelings, my own thoughts.

After all, the wedding ceremonies that left an impression on me were the ones where the engaged couple recited the wedding vows they wrote themselves. It was touching to see the groom reveal his heart and soul when he conveyed his exact feelings for his new life partner, their relationship and his commitment to her. Then, when it was his partner's turn, she read her handwriting verbatim as tears rolled down her cheeks because the words weren't just words, they were promises and devotions full of meaning for their new life together.

I had hoped to personalize this treasured moment in my own way at my wedding one day. My church, however, was more traditional and wouldn’t let my husband and I exchange personal wedding vows. I felt like that moment, in part, was stripped from me and I didn’t think of alternate options at the time.

Many couples are lucky to have the option of exchanging their wedding vows right there at the altar (amazing!) but many are restricted for a variety of different reasons.
Even brides and grooms-to-be who have the option to exchange vows at the altar may instead like to opt to say their own personal words of promise at another time.Now that I’ve been in the wedding industry as a wedding writer and love storyteller for the last couple of years, I have put my finger on three creative ideas for other perfect moments to say your own personal wedding vows on your wedding day.

I have even developed the most comprehensive wedding vows writing guide and workbook that walks you from start to finish through the entire process of writing your own personal wedding vows so you don’t have to feel like you’re out there on a ledge by yourself. It’s got a fool-proof formula, tips and instruction to get you from that intimating blank page to your heartfelt wedding vows fueled by your personal love story in no time.

If Not The Altar, Then Where and When?

Love Letter Exchange

“We are about to recite our vows at the altar, but before we get there, I want to take a moment and express all the reasons why I can’t wait to marry you today and how I will devote my life to yours for the rest of our lives in my own words.”

Can you imagine reading this wedding vows love letter from your soon-to-be spouse only hours before walking down the altar? It’s really special and an extremely intimate way to say “I love you” on the day that you two will become a married couple. Then, preserve these wedding vow love letters as marriage heirlooms that you can read and reread every anniversary.

First Look

Many modern-day couples are planning first look sessions and I realized that you could up the ante and exchange your personal wedding vows right then and there.

The first sight of your bride or your groom is surely full of emotion. The gravity of what you are there to do is extremely meaningful so why not add more meaning and recite how you look forward to doing love and life together. It’s a wonderful private moment between just the two of you (with your photographer lurking somewhere off in the distance to capture it) so take advantage! There won’t be many more times that you two will be alone together until your wedding is over.

Post-Ceremony Photo Session

If you aren’t doing a first look — that’s ok! You can repeat the above idea during the post-ceremony photo session. At first, you will be taking pictures with your bridal party and your family, but after those photos are done, everyone else will move on to cocktail hour and it will be you and yours solo once again. Pull out your own vows and use this time to reinforce the commitment you have made to one another at the ceremony only moments ago.

Writing my own wedding vows is one of the things I wish I had done differently on my wedding day, but I'm excited to share my knowledge and passion for writing personal wedding vows with you as well as the tools, tips, tactics and formula to turn my wedding day regret into your wedding day win!

Even your fabulous Bridechilla host herself, Aleisha, gave it fifty million Bridechilla stars! "This course brings front and center one of the most neglected but important areas of wedding planning, vows! We put so much effort into the aesthetics of planning our wedding day but often the ceremony and meaning behind our 'wedding words' can be a last minute decision or worse still, a cut and paste job from Google. Kristen’s vows guide will help you personalize your wedding ceremony in a way that is truly you. Fifty million Bridechilla gold stars!

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About the Author

Kristen Rocco is the professional love storyteller and wedding writer of Love Notery. Putting her professional background as an interviewer and writer to work, she created Love Notery to help engaged couples capture their love stories in the beautiful words they deserve to share on their wedding day and treasure as a wedding heirloom for generations.

Her wedding vows writing course exclusively designed to help engaged couples from start to finish write heartfelt and meaningful personal wedding vows is now available at www.lovenotery.com/howtowriteweddingvows.

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