272- Secrets of Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

by Aleisha

Bridesmaids dress shopping can be challenging for some Bridechillas, particularly if you haven’t got a firm vision of how you would like your bridal party to ‘look’. When you think about it (without getting too existential) it’s a pretty odd thing to do, choosing dresses for your friends and even weirder to make them all look the same…but hey there are lots of aspects of weddings that are strange and fun, I say embrace it!There is a lot of scope for creativity, with the rise of the non matching bridesmaids dresses also opportunity to rent dresses that will help you embrace your friend’s shapes, personalities and individual styles.

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Who Pays For Bridesmaids Dresses?

Spend some time on wedding forums, and you will soon see that this is a fiercely contested a grey area and to be annoying (and avoid the backlash) I’m going to say it does depend on where you live.In my home country of Australia, Maidchillas get up are usually funded by the bride and groom whereas I understand that many Bridechillas in the USA ask their Maidchillas to pay for their dresses.

Whichever path you are taking I encourage you to the open and communicative with your bridal party about the expectations of their attire and who is paying for what. If the bridal party is paying for the dress/suit, be mindful their financial situations. Not everyone is in the same position. If it’s awks to talk about this with the group then discuss privately and be mindful of that this can be a delicate topic for some.

*I am someone who has used been personally financially stretched by being a part of a bridal party, and I felt embarrassed that I didn’t feel as free and easy with cash as some of the other Maidchillas at the time.

Group Decision And There Be Bridesmaids Dress Democracy?

It great to be casual when it comes to some wedding planning decisions. However, miss free and easy can sometimes backfire, particularly when you are working with a group. Shopping with a group can be challenging. There are many voices, opinions and budgets. Having a direction and knowing a vague outcome of shopping expeditions, such as looking for gold, knee-length, cocktail dresses will give you a good start to keeping everyone focused and not going too rogue.

Ditch the Matchy Matchy

The current trend of mismatched Maidchillas dresses and outfits is excellent for embracing different styles and body shapes. It allows everyone to shine and is a lovely way to personalise bridesmaid attire and still stick to a theme or colour scheme if you so wish. The re-wearability is higher in these choices too.The mismatched look works best when there is some unity a theme.It could be a colour or design, a pattern or theme. The trick is finding a balance between, ‘be free’ and ‘let’s tie this thing together’.

Mismatched Bridesmaids Options

  • How To Get it Right- Pick a material colour and give your bridesmaids the option of choosing the cut and style of dress/jumpsuit/gown
  • Choose a colour scheme and let them choose their dress (just be mindful of clashing. Giving them a colour swatch is an easy solution)
  • Purchase dresses from the same retailer, who use the same material but will create dresses in different styles
  • Incorporating a Bridesman into the mix by adding an accessory such as a pocket-chief (?), tie in matching colours to the bridesmaids, etc

Ditch The Commitment,  Rent Bridesmaids Dresses Instead

There is also a huge boom in renting Bridesmaids dresses, which gives you a big advantage in catering for different tastes, shapes and price ranges. This option is great for are looking to explore both the non-matching trend or if you are wanting you’re A-team to wear similar or matching attire. Vow to be Chic has hundreds of bridesmaid dresses to hire (Every order comes with 2 dresses, in 2 sizes, 2 weeks before the wedding, so no need for size panic) as does Rent The Runway

Image by Vow to be Chic

Again, taking advantage of finding packages and deals, with free shipping and also try-ons, you can create an event around trying on options, before you make your final decision.

Thanks to Episode 272 guests, Danielle and Taylor from Kennedy Blue

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