Wedding Decor on a budget

by Aleisha

Your wedding decor doesn't have to cost you a fortune, nor do you need to spend hours up on hours with a glue gun, connecting with your inner Martha Stewart. With a few neat tricks and smart interweb searching for gorgeous wedding inspiration, you can sass up any location and add a touch of 'you' on any wedding budget. 

Using one color scheme or theme throughout your wedding doesn't mean that everything has to be matchy matchy, it provides a cohesive look, plus it gives you some direction when you're choosing attire colour and details. Reserved, simple themes are elegant, but brighter colors and 'unorthodox' decor can really work to bring out your personalities... because you know, this day is all about YOU!

Awesome backdrops

If your venue needs a bit of a personality shake up...boring walls or perhaps you want to cover up a door or divide a room adding a backdrop to your wedding decor list can be a versatile option. Not only can you use it as a background for your wedding ceremony, it can also be used for photographs. Think creatively when it comes to your backdrops. Whether they are made out of paper or ribbons, flowers (fancy) or macrame, the beautiful thing about a lot of the choices out there is that you can take them home with you (or re-sell them post wedding). 


OK, you might be thinking, Aleisha this is BORING but stay with me here. Our wedding venue had plenty of personality, so we didn't need to add a lot to our wedding decor however, one thing we did add was cloth napkins (which sewed  over a gloomy weekend while watching season 5 of Dexter) and I think they added just the right amount of colour and spark to our very simple table designs.

IKEA Paper Napkins

Lighting, lighting, lighting

Your actual wedding decor (or venue) may be the main event visually, but well-placed lighting can draw attention to special areas of your wedding, such as the bride and groom's (groom and groom's---bride and bride's) table, the wedding cake, or a particularly beautiful centerpiece.

Big, marquee letters spelling out your name or a word like DANCE or PARTY can be great for photographs and ​is a super easy way to cover a blank wall or dark corner. There are plenty of hire companies that will rent you the letters or you can buy them from Etsy and use them again at home! Firefly lighting is also popular and they can be added to jars, strung around the backs of chairs or intertwined as table centerpieces. 

Cake toppers with Sass

Naked cakes are all the rage, as are simple white sheet cakes with fresh floral accents all, cakes that can be created within a budget. One fun way to sass up a simple cake is to add a personalised cake topper, or a cake topper that reflects a mutual passion of yours that compliments your wedding colours or theme. Both toppers pictured below are laser cut to order, so you can select a phrase that says YOU, rather than soppy stuff, if that isn't your bag. 

Get your tassle on

I LOVE a tassle. They just scream PARTY...(and cheerleading) and at the end of the night your guests can attach them to their bras and pants while they dance, like a 50s stripper or go go dancer. Tassles are cheap and bright and can be made in any size that floats your boat. You can hang them on chairs (again, ditch the covers and add a tassle!), use them over an entire wall or around the dessert table. 

Everything I have mentioned here can be made at home or purchased via sites like Etsy. If you do plan to get you DIY on, think about the time commitment that you are making. I love craft but I tend to underestimate just how long these tasks can take. 

Like any wedding task or job, consider what your time means to you and how much it is worth. Not doing a craft, or doing something by hand, is not a failure. I believe it is more empowering to delegate and know that your time is valuable rather than slog away at something that you end up hating and want to throw the glue gun and scissors off the balcony. Whatever you choose with your wedding decor, I know you will keep you Bridechilla chill and make selections that are truly you!

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