Help a Bridechilla Out- Entertainment For a Small Wedding?

by Aleisha

Bridechilla Reanna has a wedding entertainment dilemma. Let's help her! 

"I’d love your opinion on entertainment for a small wedding. We’re planning a wedding of about 35 guests.

It’s going to be outdoors at a lake, and we’ve played around with the idea of using the phone music, but I wasn't super excited about that.I was wondering if a DJ would be out of place at a small wedding because I don't know how much dancing there will be. None of our friends are super big partiers.

I would say we'd be lucky if half the people were on the dance floor at any given time and to be honest even my fiance and I are not big dancers. I'm curious what your thoughts are? Should we hire a DJ or invest in a small band?"

What do you think? Is a live band too much for a smaller crowd? Will a DJ look out of place if no one wants to dance? Leave your comments below! 

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Anja June 17, 2017 - 9:51 pm

Hello fellow ‘chillas!

I recently went to a small wedding (25 guests). It was indoors in a very small banquet room, which worked well so it didn’t feel empty. They had hired a DJ, and that actually made sure that the few people who were ‘dancing folks’ got up and got the party started. It didn’t feel strange as there was constant music in the background depending on the activity, and no awkward breaks when a phone receives messages or people are scrolling to find songs. As a surprise they had also hired a capoeira crew with Brazilian dancers in carnival costumes (groom is South American) and that got everyone up clapping and dancing. I’d recommend you get a live band or similar over a DJ seeing as your wedding is outdoors, but no one will notice if you don’t choose to hire any entertainment, because they’ll be there to celebrate you:) We’re having a 40 guest outdoor resort wedding and won’t be hiring any entertainment – our focus is on story telling and two continents meeting, so we’ll just use a phone for those who want to dance:) best of luck! When you make your decision make sure you stand by it so you don’t stress yourself out – the day will be magical no matter what!? Happy days (and nights)!

savethedate June 18, 2017 - 9:07 am

Totally agree with you Anja, I think the biggest thing to be mindful of when programming your own wedding music is thinking about the type of music that you want to play, the different eb and flow of the day, like eating music and background music vs dancing and make sure that you have that all planned out (with extra backup music if need be). Love the Brazillian dancers too….those moments are a great surprise for guests! Thanks for your comment!


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