Pop Up Weddings: The Ultimate Wedding Hack

by Aleisha

Looking for a wedding hack?  
It’s public knowledge that love is no longer a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. That means weddings aren’t either. And if you’re a Bridechilla or Groomchilla who has been feeling that, I’ve got a potential solution for you: Screw the stress, have a pop up wedding!

No clue what a pop up wedding is? It's the ultimate Wedding Hack!

That’s cool, let’s discuss! What kind of love do you have? The average wedding takes 12 months to plan, and I don’t even need to tell you about the budget, right? We all know those cringe-worthy numbers. (But if you somehow missed it, the average wedding costs $35k.) For a lot of couples, that is entirely worth it. I mean, you’re celebrating your LOVE, and your love is freaking awesome. But you know what’s super cool about love? That it’s different for each couple.

Some people have a loud love that wants to party all night. It shakes its little love booty with the bass, and throws a few back from the open bar until the wedding planner politely tells everybody to GTFO under an arch of fire (sparklers). I love that love. ARCH OF FIRE! (Aka sparkler exit.)

Wedding hack

ARCH OF FIRE! (Aka sparkler exit.) Photo by Ariel Kaitlin.

But I also love a quiet, reserved love. It just wants to soak in a sunrise together and drown out the rest of the world. It doesn’t want to dance; it just wants to eat cake and chill. That’s beautiful, and love doesn’t need to dance if it doesn’t want to. What’s the saying, always be yourself?

The wedding hack? Don’t plan a wedding; just celebrate.

So if the big wedding thing isn’t your jam, what’s a couple to do? You could stop by the courthouse, which can be special and chic if done right. But it can still feel a bit...sterile. (Unless you live in San Francisco, in which case, your city hall is everything, and I’m SO JEALOUS. Just stop reading now and get married there.) Seeking that happy middle ground, a few planners, venues, and photographers across the US have started offering a service called pop up weddings.

These can be structured two different ways:

● Events: At a pop up wedding event, multiple ceremonies will take place throughout the day at a single location.

● One-off: Your pop up wedding would be the only one happening, and may include as many or as few traditional aspects as you want, just very condensed--think 1-2 hours for everything.

In both cases, you pay a flat fee, and everything is planned for you. These weddings are typically small--think 25 guests or fewer, although I have seen a few events where up to 50 guests can be accommodated.So rather than a long drawn out wedding planning process spanning a year, your engagement ends up looking something like this: Book the pop up. Let your closest friends and family know. Purchase your attire. Obtain your marriage license. Show up all prettified and groomed for your wedding. Get married. Have a few pictures taken. Eat cake. Chill happily ever after.

Wedding hack

TLDR; A pop up wedding is like a little love child between an elopement and ‘regular’ wedding.

If it sounds totally awesome to you, then a quick Google search should help you find a planner near you who offers pop ups. You could also check your favorite destination, like a local(ish) beach or nearest metropolitan area. A few companies who specialize in pop ups across the country are: Pop of Love NOLA; Mad Dash Weddings; SLO Pop Up Weddings; and Pop the Knot.

The benefits of a pop up wedding? Save money. Avoid stress. Be awesome. But if you’re still not sold, that’s cool, too! That’s the beauty of all this, and you’re on the perfect site to find out what IS for you, and how to make that happen in the chillest way possible. Good luck, and happy planning, friends!

About the Author: Amanda Buchanan is the owner and lead planner at Simple Day, a wedding planning company specializing in pop up weddings and elopements on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. She strives to help couples celebrate the beauty and fun of their love. She also really likes tea lattes, mermaids, and her family. She’s kind of basic, and totally okay with that.

Email Amanda: hello@simpledaync.com  Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/simpledaync/
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