Top 4 Bridechilla Wedding Etiquette Tips

by Aleisha

Wedding Etiquette can be a veritable minefield. The Bridechilla Podcast is going to help you demystify the BS, so you can get back to, wedding planning and being a relaxed and happy Bridechilla

1. RSVPs & Invitation Etiquette

Waiting for the return of RSVPs, you can experience a range of emotions. Anticipation moves swiftly to impatience, which in turn evolves into questioning why you invited anyone in the first place if they can't make an effort to go to the mailbox to return a card!

Bridechillas are often conflicted with wanting to receive a formal RSVP and guests sending casual email responses or a whatsapp message. That being said, this is not so much a tradition as it is a practicality. Keeping track of who is coming can get complicated when everyone is replying willy-nilly.

Receiving your RSVP with the uninvited cheeky plus one...Some guests may return their RSVP with an uninvited plus one. This is a sucky but common conundrum and can be tricky to navigate around. As with all Bridechilla advice, we recommend open and clear communication. Call them on it, literally.

Your wedding is a personal day, to be shared with people you decide who attends your wedding and if the invitee feels passionately about the person they have added to the invite then let them discuss it with you, not just add it cheekily to the RSVP.

Some tips to make your life a little easier: 

  • Give enough time between sending the invites and the RSVP date to give your guests time to make necessary arrangements. This is especially important for destination weddings or those coming from out of town.
  • Sending pre -paid RSVP's is great way to encourage guests to physically send their response.
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2. Social Media Etiquette

With the wonderful world of social media modern Bridechillas and Groomchillas need to decide beforehand if they would like guests to hold off on the social media posts on the day of their wedding. If, like many couples, you decide you would prefer guests not to post pictures or videos of your wedding until you yourselves have seen what your photographer has snapped and posted your own official photographs, then a simple note on your invitations stating this will set the boundaries.

You can reinforce this on the order of service, make a fun sign or ask your celebrant or minister if they can make a brief 'There's a great photographer capturing the service, so you can relax and enjoy'.

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3. Wedding Favor Etiquette

Trust us, no one will notice or care. They're their to celebrate with you, not for sugared almonds or personalized cookies. If you aren't keen on ditching the little gifts then consider getting your DIY on and making your own favors.

We all know the party favors usually go unnoticed or get taken home and put in a drawer (or used as drunk munchies eaten in the back of a cab on the way home), so rather than forking out a load of cash why not forgo favors all together?

We were inspired on the Bridechilla Podcast recently by a wonderful idea from Bridechilla Kelly, who in lieu of party favors will be donating to a non-profit organization in their guests honour; with a note for each guest explaining why the organization is meaningful to them and what the money will go towards.​

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4. Thank you Card Etiquette

You've probs been inundated with gifts, from the moment of your engagement, at your bridal shower, through to the wedding itself. You are very lucky! Now it's time to thank everybody involved.

And yes, its a must...or in the Bridechilla books, if you skip this step, you could be considered an A-hole.

A lot of couples see this as a super bores obligation rather than the fun task of looking back over and reminiscing about the day and all that lead up to it.

We recommend ordering your thank you cards when you purchase your wedding stationery, that way you have them and can get writing as soon as you return from your honeymoon and lose motivation! Thank you cards should be sent within two months of your wedding.

Track who gifted what, so that you can personalise your thank you cards, better yet, create some crafted thank you notes that are personal to each guest. If friends and relatives went out of their way to help you plan or on the day, make sure you write a personalised note to them too.

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