Planning our TV Themed Wedding – Seinfeld

by Aleisha

Pop Culture Wedding Themes

Finding a wedding theme that reflects you- highlights your passions as a couple, that instantly says 'hey we like this stuff...these are our mutual passions, this is us' in my books is the epitome of a Bridechilla!

Not everyone has super hobbies or topics and themes that they are passionate about, or at least passionate about enough to both want to incorporate in their wedding but I do believe if you delve a little deeper and think laterally, you can find details to add to your wedding that are fun and that your guests will instantly connect with. They'll enjoy it because this is your wedding and why the heck should it look like every other wedding out there. 

Picking a Pop Culture Wedding Theme

Pop culture TV is something that unifies people. Whether it be GOT and Harry Potter or Friends and Seinfeld, if you find someone who loves the show, book or movie as much as you... oh happy day! There are many ways that you can incorporate your love of pop culture moments and themes into your wedding, from wedding readings to, little details in your attire (like photographer Sharma Shari wrote recently) or going all out and fully theming the day. 

Anyone who has listened to pretty much any episode of The Bridechilla Podcast will recall my obsession with finding someone who is embracing one of my passions in life...Seinfeld and using that genius/gold/classic/best TV comedy ever made, as a theme for their wedding. 

A little while back I was lingering on Reddit, or Weddit and noticed this subreddit about 'Engagement Pictures with TV references''. Today's guest Bridechilla blogger Joanna mentioned in the discussion that she and her partner Shane are Seinfeld super fans, as you will see below in the video.
BOY OH BOY do I want to be friends with EVERYONE in this film. Seriously. These are my people. Joanna and Shane are taking their love of The Show ABout Nothing and incorporating Seinfeld moments into their upcoming wedding.

I was delighted and instantly asked Joanna to write an update on some of the quirky details, so far, they have collected for their big day!

Take it away Joanna!​

Helloooooooo la la la Bridechillas.
My name is Joanna, and I’m currently in the process of planning my Seinfeld themed wedding. My future husband and I are what some might call “Seinfeld super fans”, we even have the Hulu documentary to prove it!

A lot of the aspects of our wedding were beyond our control since we booked a venue with an “all inclusive” package. Don’t get me wrong; it’s been wonderful not having to do/think about a lot of things that usually happen when planning a wedding.

We wanted to make our wedding as personal as possible. Anyone who knows us knows that Seinfeld is our life so it should come as no surprise that many aspects of our wedding will be related to the show, all the way down to the hashtag! #YaddaYaddaIdo

Image by Jon Schusteritsch 

Seinfeld Wedding Invitations

Once we decided we wanted a Seinfeld-themed wedding I was on a mission to find a great price on custom invitations.

I knew I wanted more of a greeting card look over a traditional card, but I was having a hard time finding exactly what I wanted. All my fears were forgotten once I found ProPartyPlanner on Etsy.

They have a party invitation for sale and were so awesome in tweaking it a little bit to become my wedding invitation!

They supplied the PDF for 12 dollars, and we will print them ourselves to cut down on costs. They also custom made our RSVP card to match our theme and included all of our silly references. 

The last pieces that we could make our own were the table numbers and favors. Each table number will have a picture and synopsis of our favorite episodes ranked from 1-10.

For favors, we will have a Chinese take out box filled with candy that was referenced on the show. My favorite part of the favor will the “a donation has been made in your name to The Human Fund” card that I got from a really awesome vendor on Etsy Giveable Greetings.

If I could give some advice to all the other bridechillas out there, it would be your wedding day is about you and your partner.

Do what makes you happy not what people expect of you. At the end of the day, I'm sure we will have some confused people or people rolling their eyes, but we will know we had the wedding we’ve always envisioned.

Shane and Joanna in the Seinfeld Apartment

Seinfeld Food and Beverages

Seinfeld Wedding Menu

If Joanna and Shane wanted to go 'full theme' with their wedding food and beverages, there are lots of ideas for Seinfeld based wedding menus floating around. The show has a legendary take on food, using it often as themes for whole episodes.

There's an excellent guide all about planning a Seinfeld party, with meal suggestions, Big Salads, Pretzels, Marble Ryes, Muffins (Top of the Muffin To You!) Chocolate Babkas, Black and White Cookies (of course). 

Whatever your passion, it's easy to add some quirky details to your wedding don't have to go full on theme but it's great fun to personalize your decor, invitations and table decorations to work with a theme. 

I cannot wait to see the other details that Joanna adds to her Seinfeld extravaganza! I have, of course been collecting Seinfeld wedding inspiration that I would like to include in our future Seinfeld vow renewal (that Rich is just dying to do...? ).

Are you incorporating your pop culture passion into your day? I'd love to hear about it!​ Leave your comments below!

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