280- Chasing Your Veil- Why the Wedding Industry is Broken

by Aleisha

This episode of Bridechilla Podcast, we fight back!
What from you say?

The patriarchy, the pressure, the feeling that can sometimes appear that we can never get ahead with wedding planning and life and all of the other stuff that we have to get done.
The feeling that we are chasing our veil...that we should be consumed by the details and process of wedding planning and if we aren't, we aren't doing it properly. 

My gorgeous guest is Cali Pitchel, a Bridechilla who is planning a very Bridechilla wedding, a three day low key event, that really ticks all of the boxes. They've got wine, music and multiple locations and I guarantee that by the time she's finished describing it you'll want an invitation! 

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As well as being a total Bridechilla, Cali is the marketing manager for withjoy.com, the free wedding website & app that does more! 

Cali has been writing a lot recently about her thoughts on the wedding industry both as someone who is planning a wedding and also working in the industry.  What I enjoyed most about our chat is that Cali and I share this mutual ongoing surprise with the wedding industry.

Surprise by the ongoing pattern of reinvention, coming up with new ways to get make couples feel more obliged to spend more money, to commercialise their day (with branding and sponsorship) and also this new push for pre-submitting weddings to be featured by bloggers and magazines, as a new to negotiate with their potential vendors. There seems to be a big push in the aesthetic, making your wedding instagramable and shareable but we are moving further and further away from the meaning of the day. 

I am proud that we can have these sort of conversation on Bridechilla and in the Bridechilla Community
I truly believe that we have to start the conversation in order to make change.

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Plan Your Wedding With Joy!

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More About Cali and Joy

Cali Pitchel is the Director of Marketing at Joy, a free wedding planning website and app (very Bridechilla, y'all). She studied history as an undergrad, wrote a Master’s thesis on Rachael Ray and the sociology of nostalgia, and dropped out of a PhD program to channel her inner Peggy Olson. She lives in San Francisco, with her long suffering fiancé, Chris, and their three barely-hanging-onto-life houseplants. In her spare time she likes to explore the city with Chris, incessantly check Twitter for the latest inanity from the White House, and treat herself to expensive macadamia nut lattes. You can find her most uncensored self on Twitter and read some of her musings about life and marketing on Medium.

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