283- Wedding Guest Perspective: 7 Weddings In One Year

by Aleisha

Thinking about your wedding from your guests perspective can be a great way to problem solve and also consider the experience that you are hoping to create.
This episode, I interview Harri and Harri, our lovely friends who are attending 7 weddings this summer, in three different countries, some of which they are members of the bridal party, others guests.
We speak about their favourite moments, things they would change and some of the very fun ideas that have been injected into the weddings that they have attended so far…glitter tables!
Harri and Harri are fun and fabulous and as well as having a laugh, I have no doubt that the information and guidance that they share will be helpful to you in your own wedding planning.  

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Think about your wedding space

Contrary to popular belief, sometimes the smaller the space the better. As Harri and Harri both observed, a big dance floor that is empty, or only has a few dancers can be uninviting.

If you have the choice between keeping your space (or making it) intimate without feeling squishy, do it! 

If your venue has lots of nooks and crannies for your guests to disappear into, be sure to either section off areas or be direct about what activity is happening when...for example have a dance floor and seating area set up where people can chat away from the dancing but not so far away that they are disconnected from the action.

Photo by One Wedding

adding fun activities and details

There are lots of wonderful 'on trend' details that couples (and planners) are adding to weddings this season. Donut walls, balloon art and one that I hadn't come across before, the glitter table!

Harri and Harri mentioned that they had a bunch of fun at a recent wedding when, just before the dancing began, a glitter station was set up. Using hair gel as 'glue', small pots of glitter were arranged, so guests could get their festival look happening. As Harri explains, even the Bride's Nanna got in on the action and added some glitter to her wedding evening look.

The other surprise element that they both enjoyed was the inclusion of confetti cannons on the dance floor. 

The great thing about most of the 'cannons' that are available on Amazon, is that they are compressed air cannons and don't use explosives or potentially dangerous materials. 

Remember to check with your venue for any restrictions surrounding the use of confetti as some are rather strict on where you can use confetti and what type (e.g biodegradable). 

Photo by Mink Mingle

consider your bridal party's limits

Attending weddings and being a part of a bridal party are a fabulous privilege of friendship but as Harri girl reminds us in this episode of the Bridechilla Podcast, the financial commitments that are often expected when taking part in a wedding can be really challenging, especially if you are attending multiple weddings. 

Organizing lavish bachelor and bachelorette parties and extra activities that feel like mandatory can put you loved ones and those closest to you in difficult positions. FOMO and also not wanting to let you down (or feel like they're the odd one out) can often make people feel obliged to use credit cards or stretch their financial means to participate.

I'm not suggesting that you don't have awesome adventures together prior to the wedding but make sure you give your people plenty of notice and consider their personal situations before committing to long haul destinations!

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