Sam & Anna’s Mountain Engagement Photos at Dawn

by Aleisha
Sam & Anna's Mountain Engagement Photos | The Bridechilla Blog | Photos by Jade Nikkole Photography & featuring blogger, Anna Smith of LIFESTYLE by Anna Elizabeth.

Sam & Anna's Mountain Engagement Photos at Dawn

Sam and Anna met 11 years ago at an extra-credit luncheon in their hometown. A lunch that Anna was bribed into attending by her older sister who didn't want to sit through it alone. It wasn't until 5 years after that first run-in, that Sam and Anna decided to take a break from being 'just friends' and finally went on their first date in downtown Baltimore, just down the street from where they live today.

That evening before dinner, as Anna sat cross-legged on his kitchen counter-top with a glass of sweet, white wine in her hand, and they caught each other up on their lives, she felt in her heart that this date was different.

Not surprisingly, what Anna had originally thought would be a Summer romance before her semester away, wound up being the last first date she would ever go on. From that night forward, Sam and Anna immediately became inseparable. They held hands through museum exhibits, played tourist in the big city, grew closer over quiet dinners, ordered take-out on rainy afternoons, and not long after, began planning their lives together.

They knew from the very first year that they were going to get married. Only a month or so after their first date, half of Anna's closet was already overflowing from Sam's tiny dresser. They discussed their future consistently and very openly through the past 6 years. So much so, that Anna's Dad had referred to Sam as Anna's "husband" to everyone he met for several years.

"It is only a matter of time", the couple would say. Being as young as Sam and Anna were when they met, they had a checklist of milestones that they wanted to hit before tying the knot. Now that they have proudly hung their matching college diplomas in their office, have settled into their home in Locust Point, and feel confident in their careers, they know that the timing couldn't be more perfect.

Sam and Anna currently run a successful lifestyle blog based out of Baltimore called Lifestyle by Anna Elizabeth. They are no stranger to the camera and styled shoots but, Anna knew that she wanted to make this engagement session different from anything they had done in the past. For the full month after they got engaged, she spent her time designing this day to be one that they would never forget.

"As a stylist and admirer of editorial shoots, there was no question in my mind that I needed to design our engagement session myself to ensure that it was extra special and personal. I first came up with the idea of shooting on the peak of Rocks State Park when I visited with a girlfriend and was reminded of how absolutely incredible the view is overlooking the trees below. Sam and I had never hiked this particular park before and I just knew that he would be as in love with the unique setting as I was."

"This peak being as popular as it is on the weekends, I came to the realization that we would have to shoot our session at sunrise to avoid the crowds. Quickly, as I typed out our day-of schedule, I discovered that this meant I would be getting ready at 2:30am, that we would be traveling to the mountain at 4am, and hiking in the pitch dark to set-up before sunrise around 530am."

"On the morning of, Sam, Jade (our photographer), Nick (our videographer), and I rummaged through the forest, tripping over rocks, totally unable to locate the real trail, carrying all of our very heavy equipment, and dripping fresh sweat from head to toe. Did I mention that this was after we went back to the house to retrieve my forgotten engagement ring, dodged a few excited deer, and the curls in my hair fell out entirely?"

"No stranger to the "real BTS (behind the scenes)" that it takes to get the perfect, Pinterest-worthy shot, I knew that this vision I had for the session would be no easy feat. I also knew that after rolling up our pants, and maintaining a positive attitude and a killer sense of humor, it would be totally worth it and that we would cherish these photos for the rest of our lives."

"So, while it may have been humid and our hair may not have been Kristin Ess-glam, the moment that the sun started breaking through the clouds, giving off the most energizing light, I knew that this was exactly the place we were meant to be. We read the lyrics of our first dance song, poured champagne, and twirled at the edge of this jaw-dropping cliff."

"The chaos of the morning floated away and the only thought running through my mind, over and over, was "I get to marry this man". After 6 years of promising each other that we would get married someday, this exciting new season was finally beginning. It was the perfect way to honor and celebrate the beginning of our wedding planning journey."

What do you think of Sam & Anna's Mountain Engagement Photos? Share with us in the comments below! Would you hike up a mountain in your finest to capture breathtaking engagement pics at dawn?

Vendor Credits:

Photography: Jade Nikkole Photography (Website / Instagram / Facebook)

Videography: Nicholas Koetz (Instagram)

Calligraphy: Pine & Pen (Instagram)

Florals: Les Fleurs by Jes Wilson (Website / Instagram / Facebook)

Ring Box: The Mrs. Box (Website / Instagram / Facebook)

Earrings and Belt: Mary's Bridal Boutique (Website / Instagram / Facebook)

Styling: Lifestyle by Anna Elizabeth (Website / Instagram / Facebook)

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